Pros and Cons of group/team work

28 10 2012

I think the pros of group work are:  You have different skill sets that put together can collaborate and come up with more solutions than if you’re working on your own.  On larger projects different pieces of the project can be split and save time.  If you don’t understand something you can ask your team mates for help and vise versa.  Working in teams also helps you become a team player and understand how to work out conflicts.

Some Cons of work group are:  Not everyone has the same goal in mind, especially in a school project, some students are there just to pass, while others want an “A.”  Some people will not do anything and will rely on their other team members to do all the work.  Hard to get together if you’re expected to do the project outside work or class hours.  Many different personalities can also cause conflict, if you have someone who it’s their way or the highway, or don’t have anyone who is willing to make a decision.




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